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Welcome to MDM Energy, Inc.

  MDM Energy, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Texas in 1981, by Michael L. Rafael. The company has corporate offices located in Addison, Texas. All of the day to day operations of the company are coordinated from this site. MDM Energy, Inc. also maintains a staff of geologists, engineers and field personnel in the southern Illinois area.

   MDM Energy, Inc. has conducted drilling operations in the south central Kentucky portion of the Illinois Basin, along the Cincinnati Arch, and in the Appalachian Basin portion of eastern Kentucky. The company has recently been active in the southern Illinois portion of the Illinois Basin in the search for oil and gas reserves.

   MDM Energy, Inc. believes that the Illinois Basin offers the best chance for the discovery of multi-million barrel reserves of oil at depths of less than 4000ft. With this in mind the company:

  1. Actively explores for Sulurian Reefs and the associated Devonian Drapes.
  2. Explores for new or overlooked reserves in shallow sand and limestone formations.

  To achieve these pursuits, the company utilizes state of the art 2-D and 3-D seismic as well as traditional geological surveys.

  Over the last several years, the company has made some significant new field discoveries. The most recent discovery was in 2009 in Effingham County, near Mason Illinois. MDM Energy, Inc. developed the field with a total of 17 wells including 3 injection wells for pressure maintenance and water disposal. The field currently produces from 4 stacked pays, the Aux Vases Sands, the Roseclair Sands, the McCloskey Oolites, and the Carper Siltstone. The best well in the field had an IP of 365 BOPD (McCloskey) and was produced at a rate of 90 BOPD.

In 2007 the company made a new field discovery on the edge of the city of Effingham (Effingham West Field). The discovery well had an IP of 65 BOPD and no water, producing from the Salem Limestone. The company is proceeding with development of the field in 2013.

In 2003, the company discovered and developed a 27 well field in Crawford County, Illinois. The wells produced from multiple sands at depths less than 1200 ft. and included several saltwater disposal wells. The best well in this field had an IP of 168 BOPD and no water.